this summer

Åska och regn igen då. Åh så "kul". Det är ju lite mysigt att ha honom inne när han varit på vift i nästan en vecka.
Traktorernas tur. #nostalgidagarna På after skoter. Efter två timmar fortfarande kö till Burgarbussen. Sjukt goda hamburgare!
Även små söta bilar får cruisa. Det blev en rätt rejäl rensning i klädkammaren igår. Idag mer hemförbättring.
Jag är fortfarande på trav jag. Hej Rättvik! Hej Siljan!
Det är vackert vid Siljan nu. Idag är himlen rökgul men igår åkte vi från Mordor.
Om det är kö till biltvätten idag? Dags för tvätt av nästa lortiga bil.
Efter tre veckor borta kom spattkatten hem igen. <3 Det står grillat på menyn ikväll.

and we never stopped singing

This is what I did Wednesday. Song ends at 5.15. Audience stops singing at 6.35. It was magical and so fabulous. I didn’t film this but I sat just across from this. Great seats for a great concert.

wallpaper baby

Titta! Det sitter tapet i gästrummet!

I’m crazy tired tonight. Might have something to do with the fact that me and Mum worked our ass off today. We now have wallpaper in the guestroom. A room that has been functioning as a storage for the past almost four years. Next step, floor. This is gonna be great!

a feathered surprise

Kiddo, Kiddo’s friend and I went to buy the new computer she’s been saving for. When we came home we found quite a lot of feathers in the living room. I sighed cause it’s not unusual for the cats to bring their prey home and leave whatever they don’t eat for me to clean up. Turned out I was wrong.

We found the bird in Kiddo’s room. And it wasn’t the small bird I’d expected. It was a Woodcock. That sucker is quite large. Kiddo compared it to an ostrich. I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s a much larger bird than I’d like having for a visit at home. It’s 33–38 centimeters long (13–15 inches) That includes the 6–8 centimeters long bill (2.4–3.1 inches). I was a wee bit scared that it would try pecking us if we got too close, but it was quite cooperative and basically walked out the door with just a little bit of guidance.

Now when I think of it I can’t stop laughing. Kiddo was pissed a bit longer. Probably because we found more bird poop in her and just one spot in mine and Hubby’s bedroom. It’s quite a nice story to tell though. In the middle of the drama I grabbed Kiddo’s camera and tried to get a pic of it, but it was too dark. I found a nice photo on Flickr though and for size comparison one where the bird is held by a human hand. (It’s dead but it’s not a gory picture.)

I friend who’s a hunter helped me id what kind of bird it is and then added that it tastes good. Too bad we had already decided on meatballs for dinner.