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two candles

two candles

is snowmobile butt a medical condition?

Today I’ve literally spent the day on a snowmobile. We had a nice day out. Watched the view from Himmelsberget (In English that would be Heaven Mountain. It’s not really that high.) and ate hot dogs wrapped in bacon. I can feel all the sitting on the snowmobile in my butt. Not that I mind after this day.

view #1

the moon


Isn’t life just a huge puzzle? And I often feel as if someone is messing with my sanity by hiding pieces from me. Actually I know exactly who is doing it. And for every day that passes, the urge to smack him on the head with the puzzle box just gets harder and harder to resist.

i seem to have misplaced my creative drive

I actually sat down the other night, trying to create a new design for this page. And failed miserably. But since I really wanted a change I roamed the internet for a theme instead. I think I did good. Love the colours. Like the theme. It’ll definitely do for now!

My creative dry spell also includes my photography. I barely touch the camera. And it annoys me to no end when I can’t seem to find inspiration. I know it won’t last forever, but it still frustrates me. I always carry the camera with me though, so if at any moment inspiration strikes me I’ll be prepared.