Monthly Archives: September 2010

cross cat


A few days ago I joined a group on Flickr called iPhone 365. The idea is to take a photo every day with your iPhone. So I thought I’d try that out. My photos can be found in my set iphone – 365 days. Hopefully in a year it’ll be 365 photos in that set. This being number three. A sleeping cat and a cross process app in the iPhone. Enjoy.


sunday dinner

I feel the sudden urge to share my dinner experience. Mattias made hamburgers. Awesome. I wish I could save the taste on my tongue.

finally again

big yawn

Weekend. Finally. I’m still not well and I’m tired as hell. It’s very nice knowing that the alarm clock won’t wake me at 5.30 am tomorrow.


on a sick a boring day

I’ve been having lots of problems with this site being slow. So slow it took minutes to load a single page. And I upgraded what I could, disabled what I could and still it wouldn’t work right. So finally last night I gave up and changed theme. And now it works. I have no idea how my theme of choice dragged the WordPress admin area into almost a complete halt, but it did. And I am so happy, cause I’ve been having this idea that I want to write more. Bring this place back to life so to say. There might be a new domainname coming up, and there might be a merger with my other photo site. We’ll see.

So what have I been doing this summer? I’ve been to no less than three weddings. One of them being my own. I have tons of pics from the other two. One of them I even was one of the photographers the couple have asked to try and cover it all. It was a lot of fun.

In a non cronological order:

before the wedding

during the wedding after the wedding the bridal flowers

soon to be mr and mrs

may i present mr and mrs

the wedding on stage

mimikry and vietcong pornsürfers i alderland är allting som det ska wedding dance one of all the kisses ring the bell and we will kiss