This is the photoblog by Maria, an online addict living in the middle of Sweden.

I have been interested in photography quite a long time. My dad used to develop his film in a room in the basement when I was a kid, so I guess I got it from him. With the entry of a digital camera in my household the thought of a photoblog was born. Scenic Route used to be my weblog but slowly converted to a photoblog during spring 2003. I also decided to learn more about analog photography and for that I use the Pentax K1000 my dad always wanted to give me but I was too intimidated by in the past. Most of the photography on this site is digital though.

Archives from April 2003 until April 2005 can be found here, I haven’t bothered to convert them from Movable Type as my old templates are a mess and comments are lost. This site is powered by WordPress, Using the Luminescence Lite or .css{mayo} theme depending on my mood. It’s a work in progress at the moment.

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