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the evils of cleaning

So today I went out to try and find good things for the Halloween party that’s coming up this weekend. I was looking for a dress. Nothing I’d wear on a normal day, but it would fit perfectly now. And the whole time I ran from store to store I could have just slapped myself.

My mum gave me a dress just like that. And I figured I’d never wear it and donated it to Myrorna. (Second hand boutique owned by the Salvation Army.) Now if I had only been my usual slow self that dress would still have been in my flat and wouldn’t have been running from store to store trying to find something just like it.

I think I might have solved it now. It’ll be a compromise, but it’ll do. And the day was a success since I found something perfect to use when I make M’s costume. Now I just have to get crafty with the sewing machine.

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