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fog over the river




I really like the fact that it looks like winter outside. No rain, no slush, no dark streets. Real winter. With snow that lights up the period that is so dark. We have so little daylight in the winter, and the snow helps to brighten things. Love it!

snowy oops, me think they broke it... birch #2 birch #1 if i was a kid...

is snowmobile butt a medical condition?

Today I’ve literally spent the day on a snowmobile. We had a nice day out. Watched the view from Himmelsberget (In English that would be Heaven Mountain. It’s not really that high.) and ate hot dogs wrapped in bacon. I can feel all the sitting on the snowmobile in my butt. Not that I mind after this day.

view #1

the moon

first snow

first snow
Started snowing last night and it’s still snowing. Not sure it’ll stay for very long, but still it’s a hint of winter.